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About me:

I take pride in being a fun mum to Jackson and Freya, a loving wife to Steve, and a supportive friend and workmate.

My motto is that life is too short not to have fun and laugh every day, the latter of which I am known for and have gotten into trouble for at times! My husband is often seen shaking his head in dismay.

I enjoy doing simple things with my family, such as watching movies together, leaving a trail of snacks down the back of the sofa, going on bike rides, and exploring new places with our Golden Retriever, Oakley, just so he can find a new muddy puddle to roll in.

However, as a forty-something woman who spent many years supporting my husband in the military, I’ve developed a newfound love (middle-life crisis) of wanting to push myself outside of my comfort zone. So far, the most extreme has been paragliding in Switzerland and setting up my business, but I am now looking forward to an adventure with a group of strangers climbing the three peaks in the UK with a group called the Gutsy Girls – wish me luck!


I specialise in:

My experience would lead me to say that I favour lead generation funnels. I do love a good trip wire and warm-up funnel. Getting email responses that tell you directly about people’s biggest problems is pure gold.

I am interested in women’s health and would like to explore this niche; however, I currently work with businesses from a variety of industries, including business coaches, veterinarians, brand designers, social media managers and those in the health and fitness space. Some are course creators, and others are starting out and looking to grow their brand awareness and relationships.

Kajabi, Kartra, Active Campaign and ThriveCare are the tech playgrounds I like to hang out in, but I get a kick out of exploring new software and figuring it out. 🤓


My experience:

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a wide range of business owners from various industries, which has put my funnel strategy skills to the test. Because no two businesses or goals are the same, having the opportunity and experience to create, test, and tweak various funnel strategies has allowed me to grow as a strategist.

This experience includes lead generation and nurture funnels, webinar funnels and, more recently, application funnels.

As much as I enjoy project work, many of my clients return and ask how they can continue to work with me, which I consider a huge compliment. One of my clients asked me to teach monthly in her membership after reviewing and creating sales funnels to support her growing business. This opportunity allows me to research various industries and have conversations with different business owners that help develop my own understanding of different niches and funnel strategies.

Investing in myself so that I can provide the best possible service to my clients is one of my top priorities. I have had the pleasure of training with HelloFunnels and Funnel Gorgeous over the last 2 years, investments that I believe have taken my knowledge of business and funnels and strategy skills to the next level.


Contact me: 


Suzy Olivier – Business Coach

“There are a lot of online marketers out there, but very few have a sincere-heartled approach to what they do like Amy does. Entrusting the growth of my business to someone else can be daunting, but with Amy, I feel totally at ease and implacably trust her instinct, expertise and direction.”

Camilla Edwards – Course Creator

“Amy is easy to work with and great at communication. She helped me create a lead generation funnel that increased my email list by 80% in one week!”

Hannah Hubbleday – Brand Designer

“Your session this morning on lead generation and lead nurturing funnels were so good! You’re amazing at explaining and talking to people…I could have listened to you all day! Thank you!”


Amy Green

Application Funnels, Lead Generation, Nurture sequences, Webinar Funnels

I’m Amy, a sales funnel strategist that helps businesses automate their sales and marketing to grow relationships, increase brand awareness and generate reliable income.


Amy Green
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